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A student-facing platform that provides K-12 STEM lessons as well as foreign language training

“Saquama” reaches students through a Youtube channel, a website and a mobile application. On Yimaru, we are building our K-12 STEM lessons as well as foreign language training. 

As we grow, we hope to include other platforms that cater to vocational education, higher education and personal development. 



The Saquama App

We’ve taken the best elements of the most popular and easy-to- use video streaming apps and combined them into a simple, easy to use and scalable application that will grow with us as we expand and gives users an effortless way to download and view their lessons.


Saquama on the web

Accessible on any connected devices, the website and Youtube channel allow users to stream content and build their own custom playlists.


No internet? No problem!

No-WIFI access point

Network availability and data connection costs are big barriers for access to digital content in Ethiopia.  Our innovative low-cost solution allows people to download content wirelessly without the need for internet access.

We have developed a modular content delivery server that anyone can use to download our app, content and collect user data, without the need for expensive internet connectivity costs or extra infrastructure. These access points are Plug & Play – they just need a USB power source and are rugged enough to last for years.

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